Our School


Primary students participate in Swimming & Athletics Carnivals combining with Melrose Primary, one of our local primary schools.  Our secondary students participate in swimming & athletics carnivals as well as cross country and participation in sporting teams throughout the year with WMYC – Felltimber Campus.

School canteen
Flying Fruit Fly Circus School students have access to Wodonga Middle Years College Felltimber Canteen. Flying Fruit Fly Circus School students are encouraged to fill out a lunch order.  Students can leave their order at the Fruit Fly office in the morning and collect their lunch from the canteen to avoid having to wait in line.

Circus Training
Students have in-school training once or twice a week.  If students are involved in in-school training students are transported by an independent bus company driver to the Circus which leaves from the school at 12.35pm for training to start at 1.00pm.  In-school training runs from 1.00pm until 4.00pm. Students are to be collected by parents from the Circus. Afterschool training starts at 4pm – 6.30pm at the Circus.  Students that live in Victoria are transported on our bus, while New South Wales students travel on the public bus system.

School Fees/Charges
School fees are made up of a college standard charge of $100.00 plus two Voluntary Financial contributions. 1. Grounds Beautification works of $50.00 and 2. Student Equipment & Furniture of $50.00. As a State Government school we rely on parents to pay school fees to support the quality educational opportunities offered. Additional fees throughout the year may include a school orientation camp which takes place at the start of each year, excursions and special project costs.

Circus Fees
The Fee structure for the Flying Fruit Fly Circus is a totally separate cost from the school fees.  For information relating to these costs please contact the Circus on (02) 6043 0777.

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus School is located in Wodonga Victoria – address Hedgerow Court, Phone (02) 6057 9180 and the Flying Fruit Fly Circus is situated in Albury New South Wales – address Hovell Street, Phone (02) 6043 0777.

We run a Whole School Camp which is a great team building and get to know each other activity which takes place at the start of the year with an approximate cost of $230.00.  There may be other excursions during the year.  Parents will be notified of these excursions and cost closer to the time of those excursions. The school supports the Flying Fruit Fly Circus by providing a teacher-on-tour for all tours and most performances.